Developed a Pastebin like website using Golang

In 2017, I created to send configuration scripts from Linux terminal to a web browser. The old skypaste is still available at To learn Golang more, I decide to use Golang to rewrite and launch SkyPaste with similar features to, a text and source code posting website that I saw when I was in Poland last year. This project is still a work in progress and I will continue incorporating features like web-socket for (CLI) sharing, trending posts, and binary file sharing.

I re-developed SkyPaste in Golang. It was previously coded in C# using ASP.NET/SignalR framework. I might still use ASP.NET/SignalR in the CLI sharing.

SkyPaste Home Page 2020

Here is the video of how the old skypaste with web-socket works.

Using Golang in this project is fun but at the same time challenging because I am still trying to get use this new programming language. In comparison with C#/ASP.NET SignalR, Microsoft Visual Studio provides a developer friendly IDE. I will continue using Golang on my projects because it is fun to code with. I will be releasing the source code and binary on June 2020.