How to create a bootable Ubuntu USB in macOS with Unetbootin

In this guide I will teach you how to create a bootable Ubuntu USB on macOS with Unetbootin. Since Unetbootin is also available for Windows and Linux, this tutorial can be use on those operating system as well with minor differences.

Ubuntu Linux is one of the most user friendly Linux distribution in the market. I remember back in 2001 the Linux installation process was cumbersome and only for advance computer users. Linux came a long way and now we can enjoy the user friendliness Ubuntu Linux offers to both beginner and advance users.


A minimum of 4 GB USB Flash disk size is required to continue with this tutorial.

Requires a USB Flash Drive

Download Ubuntu Image

Go to and select Ubuntu desktop.

1. Go to

Inside the version selection page. Select Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. You may choose other version if you want.

2. Select Ubuntu Desktop Download

Allow the download.

3. Allow Ubuntu Download

Download and Install Unetbootin

Go to
4. Download Unetbootin from

Allow Unetbootin download
5. Allow Unetbootin download

Verify that we downloaded both Ubuntu image and Unetbootin software.
6. Verify downloaded ubuntu and unetbootin

Open Unetbootin and copy it into Application folder
7. Open unetbootin and copy it into Application folder

Launch Unetbootin

8. Launch Unetbootin

Confirm Unetbootin launch. This only happens once.
9. Confirm Unetbootin launch

Enter your password to allow unetbootin access to filesystem and USB

10. Enter your password to allow unetbootin to access file system and USB

Inside Unetbootin, select the Ubuntu image file we downloaded earlier.
11. Inside Unetbootin, Select the Ubuntu image we downloaded earlier

Load the Ubuntu image file.
12. Select and open the Ubuntu ISO

Now we are ready to start creating the bootable USB. Press Ok button to start.

13. Press Ok button to start the creating the bootable USB

Allow Unetbootin access to USB or external volume. Please remove other USB flash drive to avoid accidental deletion of data.

14. Allow unetbootin to access USB volume

Unetbootin will take minutes to complete. You may have some coffee or tea during this time.

15. Unetbootin progress

Unetbootin Completed!
16. Completed creating the bootable USB

Using and testing our newly created bootable USB

Turn off the computer and plug-in our bootable USB flash drive.
17. Plugin the USB before turning-on the computer

Turn on the computer and press function key to display boot selection page.

18. When you turn on the computer press function key to display boot selection

Boot selection page. Select the bootable flash drive we created.

19. Select the USB Flash drive that we created

If you see the Ubuntu bootloader then our bootable USB creation is successful.
20. If you see this selection. Our bootable USB is successful

Testing Ubuntu Live
21. Test boot from USB Flash drive

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