Connect to Windows Shared Folder on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

In this post I will show you how to access Windows Shared folders from Ubuntu Linux.

1. Install Samba

sudo apt install samba

1. install samba

2. In Nautilus file browser, Click Other Locations from the left panel and then enter the url of the windows share or IP address.

in nautilus file browser, enter the url of the windows share

3. Enter user credential if required. In common windows share settings putting WORKGROUP in the domain field will be enough.

enter username and password if required

4. Once you’ve successfully connected to the Windows Shared folder. It will mount into the Linux filesystem and display a shortcut on both the Nautilus left panel and on your Ubuntu desktop.

Shortcut on Nautilus File Browser
mount point shortcut on nautilus

Shortcut on Ubuntu Desktop
mount shortcut on desktop

5. Accessing Windows shared folder contents

accessing windows shared folder contents


In Ubuntu Linux, You can access Windows network share easily with almost no configuration necessary. I hope this guide can helps you in using Linux operating system on a daily basis for work.

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