Completely Delete USB Flash Drive Partition in MacOS using diskutil

Completely Delete USB Flash Drive Partition in macOS using diskutil

You may want to completely erase the partition table of your USB flash drive including the boot record. In macOS you do easily do that using diskutil. During this COVID-19 lockdown in Malaysia, I wanted to use my weekend time in installing Linux on an old laptop. It turns out that old laptop only support MBR and not GPT boot record and FAT32 instead of EX-FAT. I have to then delete the partition table from GPT to MBR and load LUBUNTU Linux distribution into the flash drive using Unetbootin....

March 22, 2020 · John Pili

How to create a bootable Ubuntu USB in macOS with UNetbootin

In this guide I will teach you how to create a bootable Ubuntu USB on macOS with UNetbootin. Since UNetbootin is also available for Windows and Linux, this tutorial can be use on those operating system as well with minor differences. Ubuntu Linux is one of the most user-friendly Linux distribution in the market. I remember back in 2001 the Linux installation process was cumbersome and only for advance computer users....

January 29, 2020 · John Pili