Two-letter country codes

Happy New Year! I hope you’re having a great time. Today, I am updating my online tool, to use Cloudflare’s Request Header, “CF-IPCountry” so that I can display the IP address together with the country. I also want to have my own two-letter country code on my website as quick reference. The table below […]

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My review using the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition for programming

Background I have been using the Razer Black Widow tournament edition since January, 2015 as my programming keyboard. It has the Razer’s green clicky mechanical switch. After four years of continuous usage; it started to double register my keypress and it loses its clicky sound. It is time for me to invest into a new […]

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Generating Subresource Integrity (SRI)

Since launching my online recruitment platform and job vacancy portal. I became interested in rolling out my own content delivery network (CDN) to host my portal’s images, javascript and CSS. Thanks to NGINX, implementing a CDN is easy. Of course we need to ensure that our digital assets are not compromised during transport so we […]

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