Replacing My Macbook Pro 2013 trackpad


I would like to share my experience in replacing my broken MacBook Pro late 2013 trackpad. One day, when I started using my MacBook pro I realize that the trackpad doesn’t work and my keyboard acting strange when I am moving my fingers across the trackpad. I tried doing the PRAM and SMC reset but to no avail. Then I when online and did my research. My research concluded in 3 possible scenarios. My keyboard still works fine so the keyboard is out of the equation.

1. Trackpad cable might be damaged
2. Trackpad got damaged
3. Mainboard issue (MAJOR)

I initially purchased the trackpad cable and installed it. Installing it is pretty easy but that didn’t resolve the problem. I then proceed with replacing the trackpad and my MacBook is now back in working condition. Replacing a trackpad requires some effort especially in removing the adhesive that binds the battery into the laptop casing.

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