I am backing-up a large number of files to another computer when this idea came to me to write a Python script that generate and validate batch MD5 checksum. Feel free to customize the script according to your needs.

import hashlib
import os
import sys

def generate_md5(file_path):
    with open(file_path.strip(), "rb") as f:
        v = f.read()
        x = hashlib.new("md5", v)
        return x.hexdigest()

def validate(md5_digest, file_path):
    return generate_md5(file_path) == md5_digest

def run(argv):
    if len(argv) > 0:
        if argv[0].lower() == "generate":
            with open("checksum.md5", "w") as checksum_file:
                for root, dirs, files, root_fd in os.fwalk(
                        "."):  # start walking in current path or directory, you can parameterize this if you want
                    for file in files:
                        md5_digest = generate_md5(f"{root}/{file}")
        elif argv[0].lower() == "check":
            stats = {"valid": 0, "not_valid": 0}
            with open("checksum.md5", "r") as checksum_file:
                s = checksum_file.readline()
                while s:
                    v = s.split("\t")
                    validation_result = validate(v[0], v[1])
                    print(f"{'Ok' if validation_result else 'Not Okay'} = {v[1]}", end="")
                    if validation_result:
                        stats["valid"] = stats["valid"] + 1
                        stats["not_valid"] = stats["not_valid"] + 1
                    s = checksum_file.readline()

if __name__ == '__main__':