DB Flare

A Java based microservice application that returns JSON results from database queries. I|O REST improves developer productivity by enabling them to create JPQL or native SQL queries in an intuitive web interface. Any changes in the queries don’t require code recompilation.

I worked on this development tool in late 2016 from design to completion.

A simple java based web application for generating and verifying bcrypt hash.

Checkout the web application tool at

Distributed Operation Management System (DOMS)

A software project for Malaysia’s electricity company, Tenaga Nasional Berhad. This software computerized the entire business process of regional control centre across west Malaysia. All maintenance shutdown and approval is handled by this software.


Worked as a technical lead and manager. Guide the developers from the initial design concepts, development framework and execution.

A portal for sharing files and code snippets. It started as my primary tool in transferring script from Linux console into a web browser to another computer.

Visit the website at

MEDC WebPortal v 1.0

A business intelligence portal that reads measured values from SCADA system and into a web portal. The portal can filter through vast numbers of SCADA events and data. The portal also provides PDF reports.


This software is a result of my reverse engineering a SCADA database. This tool acts as a query engine to extract and peek into the SCADA’s archiving system.