Hiri is the Microsoft Outlook Client For Linux

Microsoft Outlook Requirement

As part of my Ubuntu as Daily work OS goal; I have to be able to receive corporate emails, view and set calendar appointments and access the global corporate address book. To do that, I will need an email client that works with my company’s Microsoft Exchange server. I searched the web for software and I ran into two options:

Option 1: Microsoft Office 365 a web-based software.
Option 2: Hiri a standalone email client.

I went for the latter because it offers a perpetual license that I can also use on my Mac.

Download and Setup

I bought Hiri using a 60% discount voucher. They sometimes offer discount vouchers to their website visitors, you might get lucky.
Hiri Website
You can download the software and try it first before deciding on whether you want to buy it or not. Hiri is cross platform and runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.
Download Hiri

The downloading, installation and setting up process of Hiri is simple.

Hiri's Welcome Screen
Hiri’s Welcome Screen

When adding a Microsoft Exchange email account, Hiri will try to auto-detect and configure it for you. If you encounter any problems, you will have to contact your IT administrator for assistance. Hiri only supports Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 accounts.

Setting up your Microsoft Exchange Account
Setting up your Microsoft Exchange Account

Software Features


This email client software have a clean and easy to use user-interface. Once you successfully configured your email account into Hiri it will take you straight away into your mailbox.

Email List View
Email List View

Microsoft Calendar Integration

Hiri will automatically synchronize your Microsoft exchange calendars and appointments.

Hiri's Microsoft Exchange Calendar Integration
Hiri’s Microsoft Exchange Calendar Integration

Integrated access to Exchange Calendar
Integration with Exchange Address Book
Integration with Exchange Address Book

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