Using MySQL TIMESTAMPDIFF to delete unverified user records

Building a public website with user registration and email verification is typical. It will require users to validate their email by clicking a unique generated URL link. Sometimes, user registration with pending verification will grow exponentially and needs an automated cleanup of records. In this example, I created a simple MySQL stored procedure to delete […]

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Bash string manipulation in program arguments

In this code snippet, I would like to run an application with a URL payload based on date and time. This code will be executed in a specific schedule everyday and I would like to dynamically inject the date and time in the program argument when the program executes. ./json2csv rules.json “ncp” “http://localhost:8080/api/zget?eid=get-ncp-mv-by-starttime-endtime&starttime=$(date –date=’yesterday’ +\%Y-\%m-\%d)+00:00:00&endtime=$(date […]

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A simple firewall-cmd cheatsheet

Get Default Zone Get Active Zones List Zone Services Add a permanent port into a zone Remove a permanent port from a zone Firewall-cmd reload I tested this using CentOS 7 with firewalld service running. Get Default Zone To know the default zone, use this command firewall-cmd –get-default-zone Get Active Zones firewall-cmd –get-active-zones List Zone […]

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